The Rules

The Quizzies are a presitgious and important event. As a result, they also come with rules that must be followed. Please do take the time to read through these rules and ensure that they are followed!

  1. Answers must be submitted by Sunday, 5:00pm every week
    Failure to do so will result in possible points gained no longer counting to your overall score
  2. Answers may not be submitted more than once. If you accidently submit answers then that is a fault of your own.
    I am not liable to fixing your mistakes
  3. Topic suggestions may be sent in to I will not accept specific question submissions.
    Any topic that has been suggested will be publicly available to be seen on the website as soon as I receive the email.
  4. Spamming the answer boxes on the forms or spamming the official email or my own email will result in immediate termination of your
    Quizzies points from the previous two weeks.
    Continual spamming after point deduction will result in immediate termination of your place in The Quizzies
  5. Answers deemed "ridiculously unreasonable" will result in the deduction of a point. Whilst The Quizzies are
    lighthearted by nature, there is a line that shouldn't be crossed
  6. Suspected malpractice of any kind will be taken very seriously.
    Answers are marked throughout the week, so those who have had their answers marked should be wary of other competitors seeing your correct answers.